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Black Magic Rituals correspond to a system of rituals that bring into play Immanent Entities traditionally called Demons or spirits called Exus in Brazilian culture.

The implications of this Magic used by the Magician Cornelio can be both in the sentimental field such as certain types of Love Ligaments, and in the field of distancing third parties from the desired person or to separate a couple, or to find a job or sometimes more quickly. to obtain an inheritance from a relative or friend. These are just a few examples.

Furthermore, it is possible to use black magic to harm (obviously exclusively through and only esoteric and spiritual means) a person who has harmed you.

When should you use the black magic in a Ligament?

When you want to create/recreate a feeling in a coercive way
you see:

False operators have spread the word about a certain "Return Stroke" present in Black Magic, that is to say a sort of price to pay (negative events, etc.) suffered by the applicant of the Rite. However, this is completely exempt in the rites we perform. Black Magic in our case stands for what is impositional not for what is nefarious negative.

We reproduce this text from the “Introduction to Magic” section:

You must consider that for the 4th hermetic principle of the Kybalion (The Principle of Polarity) all lordships and deities have a positive aspect and a negative aspect and it is not like in the cosmological vision of a simplified pantheon of the great religions which sees similarly to the Manichaeism positive entities on the one hand and negative entities on the other. But every entity or lordship as we call it has a negative and a positive aspect like two poles of a magnet. An Angelic Lordship (an Angel) has a positive and a negative aspect, and a Demonic Lordship has a negative and a positive aspect. There are no completely negative or completely positive entities in the universe therefore do not catalog white magic as good and black magic as evil and indeed be careful because a badly done evocation of even an Angel or an Archangel can bring you a curse, erroneously from what is believed .

Black Magic Bills

We have explained in other pages what is meant by Invoice in magic. The invoice is something to be understood as a curse in fact.

In love her hexes of black magic they are really useful in many cases but also for revenge against someone who has hurt you, it is in fact possible with the esoteric cults that we use to damage a person.

There are various types of curses that affect every aspect of an individual's life, destroying everything they hold dear and everything that is important.

From friendships to life as a couple, from work or from the relationship with oneself.

And we want to point out that the use of Black magic to do harm is absolutely legal as long as only a spiritual practice done by us privately without involving third parties is used and furthermore (as is clear) nothing physical or illegal is done against the aforementioned person.

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