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Love hexes

A love spell is in popular parlance a magical intervention for a goal.

Le love bills can be considered a synonym of Ligament of Love or Love spells, or Love Rites, but in reality they have a deeper meaning and closer to black magic and therefore imposing magic and it understands well the esoteric works of black magic that we celebrate for sentimental cases since the objective is followed (as in all Ligaments of black magic that we carry out) to make the subject of the ritual suffer the same pain and the same abandonment that he/she made you (the requester) feel and therefore he/she (the subject) with Magic must be forced to reopen the previous relationship with you precisely to free himself from all the suffering he feels inside of the lack of you that we make him feel.

The more the subject tries to resist, the greater the pain we insert into his soul. Until he gives up and suddenly loves you like and more than before. Thus getting back your love and your happiness.

See also ligaments of love


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