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How the Magician Cornelio works

In order to facilitate contact with our Esoteric Studio, we explain to you how the Magician Cornelius works.

If you want to rely on us and solve your problem through the Art of Esotericism, you can contact us via contact form of the site, or via the email in the section contacts explaining as best as possible the situation you would like our help with.

Contact Cornelio

Given the large number of requests every day, although we try to respond very quickly, you can consider that you will be contacted within 24-48 hours maximum.

We respond to every request, if you do not receive a response it means that we have not received the request due to a technical problem, so contact us again advising us of the problem so that we can respond as quickly as possible.

Remember to provide your email and telephone number, personal and uncontrollable by others, and obviously real. Also check your junk mail as we send hundreds of emails a day a mail service could label us as junk mail.

Our response can take place by mail or by telephone contact with the Operator of the Practice that has been assigned to you. We prefer telephone contact and in any case if the relationship continues this happens with a telephone relationship with the assigned Operator.

Before calling we usually send a message on WhatsApp to avoid the call arriving at an inappropriate time. Confidentiality is one of our prerogatives. 

If you have not already sent them, photos and personal data of you and of all the people involved will be requested (necessary for any evaluation or esoteric operation, therefore you will be able to receive an informative consultation (without esoteric analysis) free of charge and in a non-binding way so you can have an answer on what is possible to do.

After having checked and evaluated whether to accept the case, the Firm will ask you which ritual you are oriented towards. After regulating the commission, the ritual is carried out, and the assisted person receives the assistance of an assigned Operator in the times and in the most useful ways in order to best solve his problem.

All data and information are kept in total professional secrecy and will never be disclosed to anyone.

The rituals work perfectly remotely and the presence of the requester in the ritual session is not absolutely necessary.

The Wizard Cornelio does not speak on the phone so as not to affect the peace necessary for those who work the magical arts.

This site does not explain the ritual procedures to avoid giving material to copy to false operators (as it has always been their habit to copy from this site).

Realize one thing: the magic that you see in films does not exist and things do not rain from the sky but to achieve the goals with Esotericism requires a lot of hard work and commitment on our part and that of Cornelio, but also a commitment on the level material on the part of the patient who must follow our advice and have a positive and proactive attitude.

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