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Effect creation times
of an esoteric operation

In Magic there are no clear times since magic is not a science even if esotericism is a scientific approach to what is spiritual as you can see in the Hermetic writings.

We give you some examples:
First of all let's say that there isn't a clear difference between easy and difficult cases since esotericism is something that acts on the subconscious and therefore something irrational. Furthermore, everything also depends on the strength of the rite that is performed.
In certain cases that we can call "lucky" where the subject reacts well to esoteric work and the applicant follows the right strategy that we will give him, the first results can be seen even after a few days of work.

In other cases in a month or two.

And in cases where the subject's mind takes time to "surrender" even a few months.

The key to your success
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