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True Magic Exists

Many of you readers will have come across fake operators before coming to us and wasted your time and money. In fact, as you can see with a search on the internet, the web is full of "operators" or rather pseudo-operators who promise, say and perjure the functioning of their rituals (which they almost always do not do) and also give a completely altered into a market, taking your money (which is all they care about) and then never accomplishing anything. So it is necessary that we give you a valuable explanation of what esotericism and the occult arts are in reality and not the falsehoods you read on the internet.

Let's start by telling you that magic, esotericism, witchcraft, occult arts, love rites (commonly called Ligaments of Love) are all powers of the mind and all esotericism is the imposition of a stronger mind on a weaker mind. 

The mind of the true operator acts with the help of entities and spirits that we call Lords.

The Lordships can be: Divine or Demonic and both are positive and at the service of the Creator.


“Everything is mind, the universe is mental”

-Kybalion 1st Hermetic Principle

Having said this, it must be understood that esotericism is a spiritual operation aimed at achieving objectives and the happiness of the patient as the main objective. 

It's not a market. It is not a sale of people and feelings. And whoever tells you that they are only interested in money and that you pay it in exchange for achieving your goal is certainly scamming you since even if that person had esoteric abilities they would lose them by trying to use them for financial gain. 

We don't want to earn money with magic but we only ask for reimbursement of expenses to do the rituals and cover the costs of a studio.

Another point to clarify magic is not a movie spell, to achieve a goal the operator needs: work, commitment, dedication and sacrifice. Nothing is easy or taken for granted in magic. Furthermore, commitment is also needed on the part of the assisted person who must follow the advice and strategy that we will give him.

Once these points have been clarified, know that esotericism really exists and can improve your life and help you achieve your goals but things don't rain from heaven in this world so it takes commitment and trust to achieve what you want with our important help.

The key to your success
it's already inside you


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