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Work and Success

Esoteric preparations to improve work or to obtain a desired job

Work and Success

Esoteric preparations to improve work or to obtain a desired job

Primary need for a person's life is his job. An inalienable good. In addition to the economic need, it gives him something more precious: an identity.

Furthermore, a good job gives him economic stability and therefore he can plan his life in peace with the people he loves, for example: building a family and having children.

Some need to find a job, others need to improve it (for example by doing business with a specific colleague, getting a promotion, and so on). The Esoteric Operations that we celebrate for work are good for both cases.

CWith magic it is possible to solve for example: corporate crises, unemployment, poor earnings, mobbing, improving one's working position. We will help you with this.
This type of ritual is aimed at getting the desired person a job or the hoped-for job. There are two types:

  • Mercy Seat (in White Magic)
    Esoteric operation on basic work (in White Magic)
    Advanced esoteric work operation (in White Magic)
  • Propitiatory Imposition (in Black Magic)
    Esoteric operation on basic work (in Imposing Black Magic)
    Advanced esoteric operation on work (in Imposing Black Magic)

These works can then be strengthened

The propitiatory in white magic involves positive entities for a purification of the person's aura from a working point of view and a facilitation to find work. The basic level does it in 9 sessions, the advanced level being more powerful in 18 or more.

The Imposition Propitiatory in black magic works with the aim of manipulating the events, and the beliefs of others about the applicant, thus trying to achieve the objective that the person can achieve the desired job. Advice and support are also sought to change the mentality of the applicant or the subject of the ritual by for example: to study and prepare for a competition, and furthermore the mentality of the examiners will be changed by favoring the subject of the ritual.
Obviously the black magic works are more powerful in these cases.

The basic level does it in 15 sessions, the advanced level in 33 or more. Obviously the more sessions the more powerful the work.

The key to your success
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