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Hermetic principles

« There are seven hermetic principles. He who has knowledge of it possesses the magic key with which all the doors of the temple are opened.'



These are the 7 principles on which all hermetic philosophy is based:

I˚ The principle of Mentalism
I: « Everything is mind – The Universe is mental »

2nd The principle of correspondence
II: 'As above, so below; as it is below, so it is above.'

3rd The principle of vibrations
III: «Everything moves, everything vibrates; nothing is at rest."

4th The principle of polarity
IV: Everything is dual; everything is polar: for everything there is its pair of opposites. As like and unlike are alike, opposites are identical in nature and differ only in degree. Thus the extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths and every paradox can be reconciled.'

5th The principle of rhythm
V: «Everything ebbs and flows, everything has different phases; everything rises and falls; in everything the principle of the pendulum is manifest: the swing to the right is equal to that to the left: everything balances out in the rhythm.'

6th The principle of cause and effect
VI: « Every effect has its cause, every cause its effect; everything happens in accordance with a law, chance is the name given to an unknown law; even if there are different planes of causality, nothing escapes the law.'

7th The principle of gender
VII: « Gender manifests itself in everything and on all planes; everything has its masculine and feminine principle.'

Taken from the Sacred, inexhaustible source of knowledge: Kybalion


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