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Indissoluble bonds of love

To be clarified: many false operators call their rite Indissoluble without even knowing what it is.

This Indissoluble Ligament of Love it is the most powerful that exists and has the objective of Binding the desired person by Love for eternity. The rite is aimed at making the desired person like a puppet in the hands of the applicant.

This Ligament is obviously of the coercive type, it is made up of 33 sessions which involves a "bombardment" of negative energies on the subject of the rite in order to flatten his mind, to then bind him in a coercive way to the applicant.

Obviously if you read the other sections of the site you will know that it also takes commitment and trust on your part to follow our advice.

This is what usually happens statistically with this devastating esoteric work:

  • The first phase called: esoteric conditioning leads the subject of your love to move away from other potential partners and to think and dream of you in a strong and recurring way.
  • The second phase called sentimental approach leads him to look for you and only you, call you, write you, meet you.
  • The third stage called falling in love: it leads him to be bound to you with deep love.
  • The fourth phase called closure of the bond: leads to having a lasting union or even forever

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