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Eleonora C.

Hi Irene, I'm Eleonora C., I wanted to leave my testimony on the Esoteric Studio website, following a great help that the magician Cornelio gave me.

I write my story here:

In January 2014 I broke up with my boyfriend with whom I lived, he had left me without a valid reason. The pain had been so strong that it sent me into a very deep depressive state, until I had a nervous breakdown… I had tried to kill myself several times.

The psychologist hadn't helped me so I met a "famous" medium through a site, who collaborated with a Brazilian sorceress for the most difficult rites. After a consultation they had offered me various rituals on me and my ex boyfriend, such as breaks, purifications, ligaments, potions, etc. After a year of continuous, very expensive rituals, I found myself almost completely broke and even more depressed than before. The rites had not given any positive results, or had worked only minimally with very few and poor results. I was getting worse and worse, the cheap job wasn't working and my ex boyfriend only came back for a short time and then disappeared completely. I was desperate, and with my bank account all but dry. I wanted to die…
I realized the potential scam then I reacted and started looking on the internet for someone who could help me, this time for real, and explain everything.

So I got to know the site of the Magician Cornelio, I read it and it seemed to me very convincing and rather complete… I was sure that he would be able to give me answers to my problems. So I contacted him.
Mago Cornelio and his team had been very attentive and cordial towards me, and when I told them my whole story they explained to me that I had been the victim of a scam by two charlatans who had performed rites against me to make me independent from them and extract my money and that their rituals, having been done badly and incompetently, had caused damage to both me and my ex-partner… with the related consequences throughout the year.
So following all of this I entrusted myself to the hands of Magician Cornelius and his team who performed a rite of purification and protection for both me and my ex-partner to make us feel better. And so it was! I'm still fine, I've been reborn and I feel like a new person. I'm optimistic and positive, I face life from a different perspective… I have a new life partner and a new job!
As soon as I have the opportunity, I will continue with other rituals to help me further improve my life.

I really don't know how to thank Esoteric Studio for standing by and helping me when I was in trouble. Without them I would never have been able to jump out of the situation I was in. It was a very touching life experience. Now I know that when I have problems or I'm in trouble I can easily rely on them.

Heartfelt thanks again!

In January 2014 I broke up with my boyfriend with whom I lived, he left me without a valid reason. The pain had been so strong that it sent me into a depressive state…


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