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Hi Irene, I'm Ylenia
I apologize if I am writing to you only now but I have had commitments and I have not been able to answer you the same day..

So I write you my testimony..
One evening wandering on the internet I found your site, I read the various testimonials and I toured the entire site..
I immediately sent an email to Mr. Cornelio and I immediately received a response.
I explained to him my sentimental situation and that I was in a situation…
That same evening M. contacted me and we agreed on what to do.

I sent an email with photos and data and after about two days we started the ritual..
I state that the person interested in me sentimentally had already disappeared for some time ...
After about 3 days from the start of the ritual this person started to make himself heard again, he called me in the middle of the night as if nothing had happened... The results were immediate... Unfortunately due to a problem not caused by Cornelio's study but I had to have my boyfriend's ex stop the ritual because I discovered that she is expecting a child but we are not sure if it is hers.

I have to be honest as soon as I learned of this fact I contacted M. and explained the situation to him and asked to interrupt the ritual because with a middle child I didn't feel like it to my conscience..
By May I know for sure if this baby is his or not.. If all goes well we start another ritual otherwise patience..
But I must say that I was very satisfied with the result obtained after only 3 days from the beginning of the ritual..
I thank all the operators who have collaborated even if only briefly in my case.. I thank Cornelio for having put all the effort possible.. I hope to start a new journey with you soon..
Goodbye for now...

See you next time, thanks Irene, a hug.

One evening while wandering around the internet I found your site, read the various testimonials and took a look around the entire site...


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